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It's hard to get revenge and keep a spotless reputation

This phrase glared at me as I bopped to Miranda Lambert while traveling across the country alone in my car. Whoa, I thought... let me process this.

Sometimes you just want revenge… sometimes you just want the world to know the other side's fault in the matter… It seems so unfair that they are forming decisions against you with only one side of the argument. But damn. Miranda's lyrics were spot on. There is no way around proving how wrong they were or how right I was, without appearing petty, pressed or pessimistic.

Because, no matter how grave their infraction towards you, should you speak up from a place of retaliation, you risk tarnishing a bit of your reputation. There will be those who may discern your reaction as uncouth, or question your ability to restrain from future muddying of waters in other situations that don't end as you hoped for.

I am not suggesting it’s easy to walk away from seeking revenge. I do however challenge you to consider, whether the very person who has already withdrawn mind space, heart space or anything else for that matter is ALSO worth the potential spots on your reputation.

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