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TBAIN & CO. endeavors to serve as a super connector leveraging events, media, fashion, entertainment, and carbon neutrality to drive connectivity across race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and gender, laser-focused on accounting for the future both human and environmental.


TBAIN & CO is a composite of the visual, textual and technological elements that define us as a society. Our brands present rich content on real world stories, candid conversations featuring those we identify as creative icons of our time, interspersed with exclusive experiences that are curated from smart down to earth perspectives from various "lived experiences". We examine these "lived experiences” that inspire and bring them to our followers through our various business units to take the follower even further into world they do not ordinarily experience.  To keep engagement cutting edge and the connections flowing, TBAIN & CO is constantly developing strategic partnerships and identifying new ventures that will keep us ever evolving in new spaces.  With a rich diverse team of experts across the country, we are rapidly establishing a high reputation for cutting edge interviews, constant original concepts, engaging experiences and ultimately changing the diversity of faces around the three tables you occupy - professional, personal, and social.

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Tawana strives to establish a fund that serves as a worldwide giving choice for Racial Equity and Economic Justice initiatives to create generational wealth that meets present and future needs through creative and well-thought-out grant-making perpetually.

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Give your style a voice with our online Boutique Experience. 

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Previously operating as Encore on 4th, we pivoted and have taken the experience to the next level with Black Jockey's Lounge. BJL is a destination with historic roots celebrating the Black Jockey's, with Art, Cultural Vibes in the heart of downtown Louisville. 

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At Digi180 we do business in reverse! A for profit working for non profits!

Our Mission is to help those organizations making a social impact in our communities around the world.

Digi180 pulls together leading creative experts to provide experiential and digital advertising campaigns to increase fundraising efforts while driving awareness for our clients cause.  

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We'll meet you where you are. Whether online. In-person or a combination of both. The team behind TBAIN & Co curates engaging, impactful events that drive unity and makes an economic impact. Join us someday.

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NAC is a world-class project management and consulting firm that solves complex problems through marketing, events and promotional products.

New Age Communications (NAC) was established in 2006 and today operates as a project management firm. We speak three languages — marketing, events and promotional products.

We are your single point of contact for sourcing all sorts of cool, professional talent across the globe — writers, bloggers, digital gurus, designers, videographers analysts and consultants! Less Work. More Play. Connect Forward. That's our motto.

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Just Boss Up with Tawana on Entrepreneurship's many twists and turns. Strategic advice to keep your eyes on the prize and the distractions from reaching your goals in the rearview mirror. Join the boss squad and access motivational quotes, free and exclusive merch offers, access to the Just Boss Up Academy for Entrepreneurs, and direct access to the mind of a bonafide pivotchamp. 

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Phone: 1-502-498-5752  •  P.O. Box 70149 - Louisville, KY 40270-0149

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